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Create a routine for you

Create a routine for you

Want to know how to optimize routines for your goals? Unsure of where to start with routines?

In this webinar, learn how to:

  • Set goals
  • Create routines for your specific goals
  • How to stay motivated on your routines
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How to be an outlier in your health journey

What does it mean to be an outlier?

How can we be an outlier? What can we learn from outliers?

Watch our previous webinar and find out how to become an outlier in your health journey, by using the right resources and taking control of your own health data.

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 Poster to join us for our upcoming webinar, learn about using the community in your decision making process

Using the Community in Your Decision Making Process

Harness the wisdom of the crowd.
  • Learn what it means to crowdsource
  • The benefits and values of using the community
  • How gathering information and data can help you to make more informed decisions
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The Power of Health Data in Your Hands

Learn more about the importance of collecting your own data, crowdsourcing, and how these can help you advocate for yourself as a patient, from ZoeInsights co-founder and CEO Shaneel Pathak.

Shaneel will also speak about his late wife Heing’s journey with cancer and how tracking her health data made a difference in her quality of life and overall survivability.

  • Importance of collecting your own data
  • What kind of data should you collect
  • Patient empowerment 
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Our mission at ZoeInsights is to empower patients to advocate for themselves. We wish to provide patients and caregivers alike with the resources, community, and knowledge to take the driver’s seat with their health.

With that said, we were inspired to create our new informative webinar series “Talks with Zoe” as a way to include patient story-telling and lived experiences of navigating through the health care system with a new diagnosis of a chronic or intensive medical condition.

During each webinar, we will be chatting with patients, caregivers, social workers, nurses, physicians or researchers about their experiences and any first-hand advice they have for individuals in similar situations.

Your health data in your hands

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