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Free Account
$ 0 /month
  • Create Journal Entries
  • Create Routines
  • Create Quick Notes, Tasks and Questions
  • Manage and track all Medications, Supplements and Activities
  • Add Attachments
  • Access Health Library
  • Search Clinical Trials
  • Create Reports (save 2 formats)
  • Create Graphs (save 2 formats)
  • Basic search features
  • 1 GB of storage (equivalent to 20,000 text journal entries)

Premium Account
$ 49.99 /annually
$ 4.99 /month
Includes all Free Account features, plus:
  • Caregiver Access (unlimited, no additional charge per caregiver)
  • Advanced optical character recognition (OCR) on attachments lets you search all of your data, including images and documents
  • Create and save unlimited Reports
  • Create and analyze unlimited Graphs
  • Saved searches for Clinical Trials
  • In-app notifications for Clinical Trials 
  • 25 GB of storage (equivalent to 500,000 text journal entries or 5,000 images or 60 diagnostic images)

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