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Newly diagnosed with cancer

Minimize your stress and anxiety, and save your energy for where it matters the most. We support patients to be more in control and empowered, and to make the best decisions possible based on what's important to them.

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Living with cancer

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and worn down, stay organized, informed and engaged over the long haul.  We ensure patients are making decisions based on facts and analysis, not distant memories.

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Caring for a loved one

Optimize outcomes while reducing the angst and uncertainty of caring for a child or older adult, especially where multiple caregivers in different locations are involved.  We help keep everyone on the same page, and for child patients, create a record that will support them through life.

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"ZoeInsights was specifically designed for patients and their caregivers to help them navigate and become active members in their cancer care journey. It has been great working with ZoeInsights, as they share the same passion for making life better for people living with cancer.

Finally, patients and caregivers will have all their cancer care information
in one place."

- James Yip, Senior Program Investment Development Officer, Alberta Cancer Foundation

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Health information often comes to patients and caregivers in a fragmented and chaotic fashion. At times you can feel overloaded, while at others, abandoned. Many patients who have gone through their cancer journey can tell you stories about carrying binders or files of information with them everywhere, because they never know what they might need. ZoeInsights helps you take control of all of your cancer care information, and has the flexibility to store anything you want, including contacts, reports, photos and diagnostic imaging. Include your chemotherapy treatments, surgeries, radiations and follow-up appointments using the Appointment feature that integrate with popular calendar systems coming later in 2020. Our premium version also includes optical character recognition, so that all information can be searched after entry. Ditch the binders and have true data portability with everything you need, where and when you need it, through ZoeInsights.

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Trying to become more informed?

Unless you are a health care provider, it is unlikely you will have experience with or knowledge about the medical condition you or your loved one has been diagnosed with. ZoeInsights has created a Health Library that allows you to enter your specific cancer diagnosis, treatment plans and demographic information, and find information from credible sources.  It also lets you save good information sources you have found, so that you can help others.  And where applicable, it can be used to search Clinical Trials in psychosocial-oncology, behavioural interventions and complementary therapies so that you know all the options.

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Struggling with uncertainty?

During your cancer care, you and your caregivers are often asked to make many decisions throughout your journeys. In addition to our Health Library and Clinical Trail search, ZoeInsights provides the comfort of informed decision making in a number of other ways, including the ability to track and analyze cancer-related symptoms such as nausea, shortness of breath, dry mouth and cancer fatigue, health metrics, medications and treatments. Later in 2020, through our peer to peer support feature, you can also connect with patients with the exact same cancer diagnosis from around the world to learn what has and hasn't worked for them. All of these capabilities combined will make you your own best health advocate.

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Feeling isolated or alone?

Whether you are newly diagnosed or living with cancer, your cancer care journey can be overwhelming, it is often the times when nothing is happening where it is easy to start feeling insecure, isolated and alone.  ZoeInsights helps prevent this through our peer to peer support feature, but also through our premium feature to securely share with caregivers and health care providers at your discretion. This can be used to facilitate second opinions both locally and internationally, coordinating care between multiple care providers that don't share medical records, or coordinate care however your care team is structured.

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Emotionally and physically exhausted?

Whether it's the uncertainty, the frustration of telling the same story to four different health care providers in one day, or the effects of treatment, a health journey can leave you exhausted when you need your energy the most. ZoeInsights helps ease the burden by making you feel more organized, more informed, and more under control. It also helps keep you engaged throughout your journey.  We help you conserve your energy so you can focus it where it is needed the most.

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"I was fortunate enough to be able to be a part of the initial ZoeInsights App that was created. This was a very valuable tool for myself as a cancer patient. It allowed me to keep all of my important information with me at all times. Previously, I was keeping all of my questions, results, medications, schedules etc in a book that I carried everywhere. This became very frustrating when in an appointment and having to search through paperwork to find what I needed. Having an App at my fingertips made this overwhelming process much easier to manage. Being able to create notes as they came to mind instead of trying to remember to write them down in my book was invaluable. As a survivor and a caregiver, this is an important tool to be able to access in organizing health information."

Krystal Kitchen, Cancer Survivor and Caregiver

"ZoeInsights has allowed myself as a cancer caregiver to better track, monitor, and update our journey 24/7. Nowhere else is there such a great tool that incorporates everything we need. It has reduced our stress, improved our decision making, and gives us, our health care professionals and support team a better and more accurate picture of my wife’s journey."

Don Wood, Cancer Caregiver and Family Advisor

“As a health behaviour change researcher, we will examine the implementation and impact of the ZoeInsights app to continue to support cancer survivors to build wellness into their usual routine. Having the ability to provide feedback based on participant responses, and collect patient-reported outcomes along with their activities, will be instrumental in understanding how to both deliver and assess the impact of our physical activity interventions."

Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed, Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary

Privacy By Design

ZoeInsights has been designed with privacy at its foundation. Each user has complete control over the collection, use and disclosure of personally identifiable information. Any information that is de-identified and aggregated will only be used for research purposes, not marketing. 
Any identifiable information will only be collected for research with the informed consent of users. We will always be transparent to users through our privacy policy.

Security By Design

ZoeInsights has also been designed with security at its foundation, so regardless of your privacy related decisions, we will ensure that our security is continuously monitored, tested and enhanced to keep your data safe.


Your health data in your hands
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